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Italia Web Radio
Italia Web Radio
  is The world’s first 24/7 digital radio station playing only the hottest emerging artists.

Italia Web Radio (formerly Radio Roberto) is the No.1 web radio for the promotion of emerging music, live 24 hours a day from Toronto (Canada), with the greatest hits from the 60s until today and the best emerging Italian and international artists.

Welcome to the Blog of Italia Web Radio (formerly Radio Roberto), the no. 1 web radio for the promotion of Emerging and Independent Artists. Italia Web Radio radio station, broadcasting, media & internet. Radio Roberto was founded in 2016 by DJ and Producer Roberto Bocchetti, to offer a space for free radio promotion to emerging artists and to create an alternative musical offer to that of the large networks and commercial FM stations.

We changed our name in 2023, becoming Italia Web Radio, after Roberto Bocchetti became an emerging artist himself, to have a more neutral name and avoid misunderstandings: we don’t want people to think that we only play his songs 😉

Italia Web Radio (formerly Radio Roberto) offers only Emerging Artists, in free high-quality streaming live 24 hours a day

The entire project is non-profit, developed and financed by Roberto, with occasional donations from listeners and emerging artists who believe in the validity of what we are doing to promote them in Italy and around the world.

The main intention of Italia Web Radio (formerly Radio Roberto) is to create an open platform dedicated to the world of independent music at 360° in which artists, professionals and fans can interact with each other.

Italia Web Radio is Media Partner with:

Diffusioni Musicali

Mondo Live Radio TV

and some great independent web radio stations all over the world


If you want to help us, you can make a donation via PayPal to help us cover expenses (equipment, server, website, promotion, coffee, etc.). We thank you in advance.

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Radio Roberto is a one-of-a-kind class act! He’s a super talented A&R DJ with heart, soul, golden ears, and positively-inspiring energy… Working with him was a joy as he’s also extremely efficient and on top of his game. I hope this is the beginning of many collaborations and a lifetime of musical connections to come!
Cris Gunther

Great eclectic mix of talent, commercial, underground and emerging artist. Definitely recommend this station! Thanks Radio Roberto for bringing a fresh spin to radio.
Clarissa Wright

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